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Child Support

When parents divorce, it is important to make sure that children still have the full support, both emotionally and financially, they need from their parents. In South Carolina, this is achieved through child support payments from the non-custodial parent. For help resolving child support issues, including disputes, it is important to ask a lawyer about your rights.

At Black & Black, LLC, we assist mothers and fathers with all child support-related issues, including paternity, modification and enforcement. We have considerable experience in this area and work directly with our clients, providing them with personalized service focused on meeting their unique needs and goals.

We can help you with your child support issues in an efficient, effective manner. 

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Determining Child Support

There is a standard formula for determining child support (SC Child Support Guidelines), but it is still important to have an attorney on your side in order to ensure the factors being considered accurately reflect the situation of both parents and their children. Factors include the incomes of the parents, the custody and visitation arrangements, and any special needs the child may have regarding education or health care.

Parents can negotiate in order to deviate from the standard child support formula. Without an agreement in place, the child support order will reflect the calculations based on the formula.


For child support to be ordered, paternity must first be established. DNA testing can be done to establish paternity. This is especially pertinent in cases involving unmarried parents who are separating, and children who are born pursuant to adultery.

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